Podcast studio

The latest project at NORD Events Center by Globalworth is a studio zone exclusively dedicated to podcasts. The Forum Hall has been transformed into a space specifically designed to meet the requirements of audio content creators, regardless of their experience level.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the podcast studio includes high-quality microphones, audio mixers, professional headphones, and recording equipment, all carefully selected to ensure superior audio quality. The interior design is optimized for acoustics, minimizing echoes and background noise to guarantee clear and highly professional recordings.

Furthermore, the space is arranged to provide a comfortable and inspirational atmosphere. Ergonomic furniture and modern decor are ideal for extended and productive recording sessions. An impressive 20 square meter LED screen allows for the transformation of the background into any necessary scenario.

NORD Events Center also offers a technical support team, ready to assist with equipment setups and offer prompt solutions to any technical issues. Whether for individual sessions or group recordings, our podcast studio is the ideal place to transform creative ideas into exceptional audio content.

NORD Events Center by Globalworth is the exclusive partner of Imobiliarium Podcast.

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